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uncover hidden insights & grow with personalized user conversations

We help you create better and more lovable product by engaging your users in personalized, AI-driven conversations. We adapt questions based on user responses, uncovering crucial insights, identifying growth areas, & provide actionable feedback to help you improve your product.

  • Adaptive questioning based on user feedback
  • Uncover user needs, pain points to drive growth
  • Highly personal & interactive conversations
  • Context specific specific questions & options
  • Optimize response rates with A/B testing

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Why FeedAIback?

Accelerate Growth

Identify opportunities for improvement and make data-driven decisions to drive product growth.

Fast Product Market Fit

Gain insights into user needs and preferences to optimize your product for market success.

Uncover Deep Insights

Discover valuable insights from user feedback to guide your product roadmap and development priorities.

Save Time & Effort

Streamline your feedback process and quickly identify key areas for improvement, saving valuable time and resources.

Engage Users

Create personalized, interactive feedback experiences that boost engagement & gather comprehensive insights.

AB test forms

A/B testing of feedback forms to maximize user participation and to improve the effectiveness of feedback collection process.


Smart adaptive questions

Our AI asks the right questions based on user answers, helping you understand what your users really think and need.

Personalized conversations

Every user gets a unique chat experience based on their responses, making them feel heard and valued.

Clear & actionable insights

Get clear and actionable insights from user feedback, so you can make informed decisions to improve your product.

Understand emotions

Our AI understands how users feel, not just what they say, giving you a complete picture of their experience.

Any Language

Get feedback from users in any language they prefer, so you can understand your global audience better.

Easy Setup

Just tell us what you want to learn, and our AI will create a feedback form for you in seconds, without any hassle.

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Tired of managing surveys and getting no actionable insights?

You without feedAIback

  • Manual survey creation
  • Limited and fixed questions
  • Limited insights into user needs
  • Form flow is restricted
  • Unable to understand depth of response
  • Lot of time is wasted in getting insights
  • Lot of time is needed to understand users

You with feedAIback

  • Adaptive questions uncovering growth areas
  • Genuine feedback and deeper insights
  • Highly personalized forms to engaging users
  • The conversation flow is dynamic
  • Understand depth & emptions of response
  • Save time in getting insights for growth
  • Accelerating the path to product-market fit

Accelerate your product's growth with AI-powered feedback

Traditional, static feedback forms limit your ability to understand user needs and drive product-market fit. FeedAIback uses AI-driven conversations to engage users, collect nuanced insights, and guide you towards your growth objectives.

  • Uncover valuable user insights to inform product decisions
  • Identify growth opportunities and optimize your product
  • Accelerate your path to product-market fit
  • Improve user engagement and satisfaction
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How FeedAIback works for your product


Define your objective & form will be generated

Share your objective and define the key areas that you want to improve, such as user onboarding, feature adoption, or overall satisfaction. Use our intuitive form builder to create your feedback form based on your objectives in minutes. Customize the form to match your brand and target audience.


Engage Users with AI-Driven Conversations

Share your feedback form with your users and let our AI engage them in personalized conversations. The AI adapts questions based on user responses, creating a dynamic and engaging experience that encourages users to provide honest and detailed feedback.


Analyze Feedback and Uncover Insights

Our AI processes the collected feedback in real-time, identifying key themes, sentiment trends, and actionable insights. Gain a deep understanding of your users' needs, preferences, and pain points, empowering you to make data-driven decisions to improve your product.


Implement Changes and Drive Growth

Use the insights gained from user feedback to prioritize product improvements, optimize user experience, and drive growth. Continuously collect feedback and monitor the impact of your changes to ensure you're making progress towards product-market fit and user satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FeedAIback and how does it help my SaaS or product?

FeedAIback is an AI-powered platform that helps you collect actionable user feedback through engaging, personalized conversations. It enables you to uncover valuable insights, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to accelerate growth and achieve product-market fit.

How is FeedAIback different from traditional user feedback tools?

Unlike traditional feedback tools that use static forms and surveys, FeedAIback leverages AI to engage users in dynamic, personalized conversations. This approach leads to more comprehensive and honest feedback, as the AI adapts questions based on user responses and captures the emotions and sentiment behind their input.

How does feedAIback help me reduce user churn and increase retention?

By providing you with deep insights into user sentiment and preferences, feedAIback enables you to proactively address user concerns, improve product features, and enhance the overall user experience. This leads to increased user satisfaction, reduced churn, and higher retention rates.

How can feedAIback help me prioritize my product roadmap?

feedAIback's AI-powered insights and sentiment analysis help you identify key user pain points, feature requests, and improvement opportunities. This allows you to prioritize your product roadmap based on real user needs and drive faster growth.

Can I customize the feedback forms to match my brand?

Absolutely! FeedAIback allows you to fully customize your feedback forms to align with your brand's look and feel. You can add your logo, choose colors and fonts, and tailor the questions to your specific needs and target audience.

How do I get started with FeedAIback?

Getting started with FeedAIback is easy. Simply sign up for a free account, provide some basic information about your SaaS or software product, and start creating your first feedback form. Our intuitive interface and AI-powered features make the process seamless and efficient.

What pricing plans does FeedAIback offer?

We offer flexible pricing plans to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes. When you sign up, you receive 1000 AI credits that you can use to explore our platform and see how it can benefit your product. After that, you can choose from our standard plans or contact us for a custom solution tailored to your requirements.

What if I need more features or customization for my SaaS product?

We're always happy to discuss custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. If you require additional features, integrations, or customization, please reach out to our team, and we'll work with you to find the best solution.

Have more questions? Reach out to us at FeedAIback Support, email us at, or schedule a call with our team.
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